Entonox - Discover Pain Management

This course is for healthcare professionals where you can learn the basic anatomy and neurophysiology of pain and understand how analgesics such as ENTONOX can be used to control and manage pain effectively.

Course detail
Learning modules cover such aspects as the pharmacology and modes of action of Entonox, its effectiveness and safety, as well as administration of the analgesic gas.  Managing pain in a variety of clinical settings is also discussed, including its importance in labour and obstetrics, paediatric procedural care, dentistry, and emergency and pre-hospital care.

Finally, the wider and potential long-term effects of Entonox are discussed, including its impact on the global environment, as well as safety issues associated with occupational exposure.

In addition to the key learning principles of pain management course, you will find a large compendium of clinical evidence summaries outlining the key facts and research results for relevant studies that have explored the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen mixtures in analgesic therapy.