Medical Gas Safety Training - Ireland - Nurses

Medical gas safety - Nurses

This course is designed for nursing staff who have responsibility for the safe use and administration of medical gases.

The course emphasises the roles, responsibilities and procedures required to ensure best practice in the safe use and application of medical gases and associated equipment.

Course detail
This course should take one to two hours to comlete and includes theory, downloadable material, interactive trial assessments and final assessment.

Upon completion, you will be trained to:

  • Define a medical gas, especially in the context of its role as a medicine
  • List medical gases in common use
  • Describe the dangers of medical gases and take appropriate precautions to ensure safety during their use
  • Identify a range of medical gas cylinders by size, valve type and colour-coding
  • Handle, move and, where relevant, store medical gas cylinders safely
  • Prepare a medical gas cylinder for use, connect it to a piece of medical equipment and, when empty, take the cylinder out of use, with due regard to any relevant local labelling requirements
  • Identify faulty and incident cylinders and take appropriate action
  • Identify and operate medical gas pipeline terminal units and flexible, colour-coded hoses